In accordance to the ordinances of the City of St. Clair >> Chapter 6 Buildings >> Article V. Excavations >> Sec. 6-82. - Excavation Permit; it shall be unlawful for any person to dig up, break, excavate, tunnel, undermine or in any manner break up any real property or to make or cause to be made any excavation in or under the surface of any real property for any purpose or to place, deposit or leave upon any real property any earth or other excavated materials or fill materials of whatever substance or origination, obstructing or tending to interfere with the free use of the real property, unless such person shall fist have obtained an excavation permit therefore from the City Inspector. 

This ordinance does not apply to gardening, horticultural or agricultural pursuits or use of land implements incidental to maintenance of real property, or to City Work Crews performing maintenance or construction on behalf of the City of St. Clair. 

Permit Submittal Requirements:

  • Property Boundary Map or Sketch Plan of the property showing:
    1. The location of all existing structures on subject property and any structures affected by such excavation.
    2. Indicate the proposed location of damage to grassy areas relating to the proposed excavation.
    3. Indicate the proposed locations of road cuts or sidewalk cuts or removals. (Note: only contractor's which have performance bonds established with the City of St. Clair may make such cuts and complete such work within a right-of-way!)
    4. Indicate all existing streets, roads, alleys, fire hydrants, water and sewer lines and existing utilities on the subject property.
    5. Indicate all existing and proposed entrances to the property.
    6. Indicate the location of any trees or vegetation with masses having a diameter of 12" or more.
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If your project requires work to be completed within any right-of-way (street, road, alley or alleyway, curb or gutter or sidewalk or grassy areas therein) additional requirements must be met in order to complete such work. These additional requirements will be posted on this site in the near future. 

For questions or comments, please contact the building department at 636-629-0333 ext. 201 or email: 
ST. CLAIR, MO 63077
Ph: 636-629-0333
Fax: 636-629-6467