Report a Street Light Outage

Many of the Street lights within St. Clair City Limits are owned and maintained by AMEREN.

  • AMEREN street lights have six digit identification or light numbers (example: SCxxxx) on them which will be need in order to report a street light outage at: AMEREN's Online Notification Center. If you are unable to physically locate the numbers on the light itself , you can refer to the: City of St. Clair Street Light Map to locate the general location of the light. This map allows you to scroll into a location and to drag the map by holding down the left mouse button. At the top right of the map, there is a Find Address or Place search box. If you use this search box function, ensure you place St. Clair, Missouri 63077 after the address. Once your destination and street light are found, you can left click on a light to popup a window which will contain the AMEREN light number and referenced index number.
  • The City of St. Clair does own and maintain a limited number of street lights as indicated as a layer within the prior link to the "City of St. Clair Street Light Map". We are currently working at identifying these lights and populating the data within the map.
If you are uncomfortable with operating the Street Light Map or AMEREN's Notification Center or if you note a discrepancy on the map or would like to report any other related issue, please feel free to contact staff at St. Clair City Hall at 636-629-0333.

We will be happy to assist in any reasonable way possible!

Please note that AMEREN matters are outside City staff member's authority to address. The only thing City staff can do is report an issue to AMEREN!
ST. CLAIR, MO 63077
Ph: 636-629-0333
Fax: 636-629-6467