Real Estate Available

The City of St. Clair now provides a free economic development tool for listing of available properties and buildings within City limits!

This economic development tool is powered by Location One which provides a detailed multi-state searchable Geo-database of available sites and buildings for sale or lease. Location One is the leading online economic development site selection tool in the United States and provides a GIS-Enhanced site database system which gives a strong competitive advantage for site selection for businesses looking to expand. Every company that needs to expand or relocate is turning to the Internet to complete their property searches to determine the best location. Owners and realtors can now submit to the City requests to place available properties and buildings on this system to be nationally searchable.

If you wish to list a property, please complete and submit a Business Real Estate Submittal Application or a Site Real Estate Submittal Application. After submittal, you will be contacted by the City Administration with any additional questions or to inform you that your property has been placed on the system and is now available for viewing. If you have any questions regarding this system or have any informational or availability changes that you would like to make after posting, please email the City Administrator at:

If you are a developer or business owner looking for real-estate or if you are a property owner wanting to confirm your property has been placed within the system, please see the Geo-Map Links below.

Geo-Map Links:

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