Site Plans

Any time a person is planning, developing or improving a lot or tract of land within St. Clair City Limits. That person is required to comply with the City's general principles of design and minimum requirements for the layout of the site concerning such improvements. Therefore a Site Plan is required to be submitted in accordance to the City Code of Ordinances >> Appendix A - Zoning >> Article VII. - General Provisions >> Section R. - Site Plan Review. Prior to preparation of a Site Plan, pre-application proceedings shall take place in where the applicant or their representative shall consult with the City Code Official through advisory meetings to become familiar with the required City standards and regulations as referenced within the prior hyperlink to Section R. Site Plan Review and shall prepare, submit and obtain approval of a concept plan through the City Code Official prior to final preparation and submission of a Site Plan and accompanying documents and fees. All Site Plans are required to be prepared and sealed by a qualified and registered professional engineer or registered land surveyor. After the City Code Official has completed all required reviews of the submitted documentation and all fees have been paid, then such request may be placed on the next available Planning and Zoning Commission agenda for review and consideration. Please reference the Planning and Zoning Page for meeting days, times and locations. The Planning and Zoning Commission will review the request and will make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen to either approve or deny the request with or without contingencies. A resolution will then be prepared regarding the request and forwarded to the Board of Aldermen along with a copy of the Planning and Zoning Commission's recommendation and all submitted documentation for the Board of Aldermen's final determination. If the Board of Aldermen approves such request and if necessary (if public improvements are to be installed and dedicated to the City) the required bonds and escrow requirements have been met, then permits may be issued for such improvements. Please note that an Architectural review is required for Multi-family residential dwellings, commercial and Industrial buildings, so additional documentation may be required. All expenses relating to the site plan preparation, fees and representation are at the sole expense of the applicant.

For questions or concerns regarding Site Plans or to schedule an advisory meeting, please contact 636-629-0333, Ext 200.

Updated 03/2022

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