Schedule of Fees

The City of St. Clair requires various applications, permits and review of submittals related to land use activities. These applications, permits and review services are a cost to the community, therefore the community desires to recoup the costs associated with providing these services. The following is a Schedule of established fees, costs and expenses, associated with land use activities which shall be paid to the City of St. Clair at the time of application and document submittal.

Description  Fee 
 Alley Opening Application  $150.00
 Street and Alley Vacation Request  $150.00
 Board of Adjustment Variance Request  $200.00
 Conditional Use Application  $150.00
 Appeal Request  $200.00
 Final Plat Submission  $150.00 + $5/lot 
 Preliminary Plat Submission  $150.00 + $5/lot
 Zoning Code Amendment  $150.00
 Display House Plat  $100.00
 Site Plan Review  $150.00
 Home Occupation Application  $30.00
 Occupancy Permit Inspection Fee  $25.00
 Zoning District Classification Map 24" x 36"   $30.00
 Zoning District Classification Map 11" x 17"  $1.00
 Copies of Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations   $20.00
 Copy of Comprehensive Plan  $20.00
Copies per page $.10
The fees listed above are not all inclusive, the applicant is responsible for publication fees associated with required hearing notices, surveying, engineering, document and document preparation fees, notary, recording and representation fees. 

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