"All contractors must obtain a current Business License prior to any work commencing."

The business license application must be filled out in it's entirety and returned to the City Collector's Office along with proof of General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance and a check made out to the City of St. Clair in the amount of fifty dollars for the yearly Business License fee.

General Permit Information & Requirements

  1. All residential, commercial, or industrial projects must be reported to the City of St. Clair Building Department.
  2. All work affecting the structure or structural supports of an existing building; all work creating a new structure; any residential, commercial or industrial, whether new or an alteration of an existing building, which includes a deck, porch, garage, carports, swimming pools (above or below ground) etc., must have a valid building permit issued prior to any such work commencing.
  3. Storage/ Utility sheds that are 120 square feet or LESS in size DO NOT require a permit.
  4. Two full sets of drawings, drawn to scale along with a plat plan, site plan and truss drawings are required to be submitted for new single and two family residential dwellings.
  5. Construction documents are required to be sealed by a design professional in accordance with Missouri State Law for multi-family residential, commercial and industrial construction.
  6. All multi-family residential, commercial, and industrial projects must have plans submitted to the St. Clair Fire Protection District and a separate permit issued by the district. (Contact the Fire Marshall at (636) 629-0844)
  7. Builders, Contractors, and /or owners of multi-family residential, commercial or industrial projects are responsible for all review fees incurred relating to their project. All fees are to be paid prior to receiving a building permit.
  8. NO construction shall commence until a permit has been issued.
  9. It is the responsibility of the property owner and/ or the builder to ensure all permit requirements have been met.
  10. Permits will only be issued for construction if all other regulations and zoning restrictions have been met as required by the City of St. Clair's Code of Ordinances.
  11. Permit holders are responsible for making sure that all contractors and/ or subcontractors have a valid St. Clair Business License BEFORE work begins. Permit holders shall be responsible for any and all fines and/ or work stoppage due to non-compliance. Business Licenses can be obtained at the City Collector's Office at St. Clair City Hall.
Present Codes Observed
ICC International Building Code
ICC International Residential Code
ICC International Plumbing Code
ICC International Mechanical Code

ICC International Fire Code
ICC International Property Maintenance Code

NFPA 70: National Electrical Code

UPDATED 4/2019
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