Municipal Court

St. Clair Municipal Court

St. Clair Municipal Court is a Division of the 20th Circuit Court of Franklin County, State of Missouri. The Municipal Court hears ordinance violations.

All court proceedings are open to the public, parties, and attorneys. 
The Court is always open to provide information about charges, payments, and court operations through electronic communication. 

St. Clair Municipal Court cases are available on Missouri's Casenet for viewing case information and scheduled hearings. You may click here to access those cases online at Missouri Case Net


  • Judicial Review / Due Process of Law: The Municipal Court Department provides an opportunity for due process of law to accused persons.
  • Imposition of Penalties: The Municipal Judge, through the Municipal Court Department, is responsible for imposing penalties and/or debt repayments to society on persons convicted of violations in an effort to prevent reoccurrence of such violations.
  • Communications, Public Information and Court Scheduling: The Municipal Court Clerk works with the Judge and Prosecuting Attorney, defense attorneys and defendants, to accommodate their needs throughout the judicial review process, beginning from issuance of the initial summons through final disposition of the case. The Municipal Court Clerk records scheduling changes to ensure that everyone has the right to due process of law. The Court Clerk also provides assistance and clarification with respect to the court process, and other State and local regulations of particular interest to defendants.

Mission Statement:

A division of the Franklin County Circuit Court, the St. Clair Municipal Court is responsible for providing both a process and a forum for ensuring due process of law. The Municipal Court records alleged violations of city codes or ordinances, issues summonses to defendants, subpoenas witnesses, issues warrants, reports to the Department of Revenue, hears evidence presented in court, rules on cases, records final dispositions, and receives and records fines and court costs.

The St. Clair Municipal Court strives to provide excellent support, guidance, and empathy when dealing with defendants to ensure a timely conclusion to all court cases while upholding justice.


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Ph: 636-629-0333
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