Municipal Division Info

Municipal Division Info

We are here to help you through the process of resolving your violation.

  • The St. Clair Municipal Division personnel can answer questions about the court appearances, rights & responsibilities, payments, and help with other administrative matters. However, they cannot give legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should consult an attorney. 
Office Hours:
The Clerk's Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, except for Holidays.

The Clerk's Office and Municipal Division Court Room for the City of St. Clair are located in the St. Clair Municipal Building located at #1 Paul Parks Dr. in St. Clair, Missouri.
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Court Appearance Information:
Court begins at 5:00 PM, the docket is not called in alphabetical order, it is on a sign-in basis (first come first serve).

Paying for Tickets 

Your citation may be eligible to Plead and Pay. If your citation is eligible for Plead and Pay it will be indicated by pulling your case up at  if a Plead & Pay Icon appears you may pay it without appearing in court (if you are pleading guilty, not guilty pleas require court appearance on the court date issued on the citation. If your citation is not eligible for Plead & Pay you MUST respond to the court on the court date shown on the citation. 

To plead guilty and to pay your fine: 

Use the Plead and Pay feature online click here 

  • You will need your citation number. 
  • On traffic citation the number is in the upper left-hand corner. (If you don’t have your copy of the ticket and don’t know the ticket number, search by utilizing your first and last name on the litigant name search feature.)
  • You must pay the entire amount due on your citation, plus an online processing fee.
  • By using Plead and Pay, you are acknowledging the payment in full is considered a guilty plea and waiver of a court hearing to the charge on the citation.

Mail the citation signed in the Plea of Guilty section and return it along with a check or money order (in U.S. dollars) for the full amount due payable to:
St. Clair Municipal Court
#1 Paul Parks Dr., St.Clair, MO 63077 
(Be sure to write the citation number(s) and your daytime phone number on the front of the check or money order.)

Pay at St. Clair Municipal Division Court during normal business hours (8:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday) or after hours by placing in yellow drop box in front parking lot of City of St. Clair Municipal Building.

To Plead Not Guilty:

  • You must appear on the court date and time provided on the citation.

Fine Schedule for violations that do not require court appearance.
VB Municipal Fine Schedule Updated 7.1.2021-chaRT_Page_1

VB Municipal Fine Schedule Updated 7.1.2021-chaRT_Page_2
VB Municipal Fine Schedule Updated 7.1.2021-chaRT_Page_3
VB Municipal Fine Schedule Updated 7.1.2021-chaRT_Page_4
VB Municipal Fine Schedule Updated 7.1.2021-chaRT_Page_5

Frequently Asked Questions:
How can I find out how much I owe?
Click on the Plead and Pay icon (see icon above) and your total court costs will be provided.
What if I can't pay the full amount?
You must appear in court and request a payment plan.
How do I plead not Guilty?
You need to appear in court on the date and time indicated on the citation.
May I have an attorney represent me on a violation’s bureau citation? Yes.
What happens if I fail to respond or appear by the court date?
Your driver's license may be suspended, or a warrant may be issued.

You MUST respond to your ticket by the court date shown on the citation by either pleading guilty and paying the fine or by appearing in court on the date specified and pleading not guilty. Failure to respond as required may also result in suspension of your driver’s license and a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

Disposed cases on a payment plan
You will want to use the Pay By Web option to make your payment or pay your cases in full.

For traffic or municipal code citations, use the number shown on your Uniform Citation/Complaint. This will be a numeric sequence running vertically near the upper right corner on your Citation.  If you are unable to make your payment online, please contact the court at 636-629-5194 for additional information.

Please be advised that billing reminders or statements are not a Court service, and failure to pay as agreed with a payment plan or to appear will result in the suspension of your driving privileges and/or a warrant for your arrest!

ST. CLAIR, MO 63077
Ph: 636-629-0333
Fax: 636-629-6467