The City of St. Clair regulates garages sales within City limits in order to restrict intrusive sales which may cause an annoyance to citizens within residential districts and to limit congestion of City streets relating to such sales in order to protect the safety and welfare of our citizens. In accordance to the City Code of Ordinances Article VI. Garage Sales. Etc.:
  • No garage sale shall be conducted unless and until the individuals desiring to conduct such sale shall notify the city clerk, personally, by telephone or by writing at least two days in advance of the proposed sale:
Please report your garage sale by contacting the City Clerk as referenced below to report such sales.  

  • If a garage sale is not held on the dates for which notification was made or is terminated during the first day of the sale because of inclement weather conditions, and notification to the effect is made to the city clerk, the city clerk will abrogate the original notification.
  • No more than three garage sales shall be held by one residence and/or family household during any calendar year. If members of more than one residence join in holding a garage sale then such garage sale shall be considered as having been held for each and all of such residences.
  • Such garage sale shall be limited in time to no more than the daylight hours of three consecutive days.

    Advertising; signs.

    (a)  Signs permitted. Only the following specified signs may be displayed in relation to a pending garage sale.

    (1)  Two signs permitted. Two signs of not more than four feet square shall be permitted to be displayed on the property of the residence where the garage sale is being conducted.

    (2)  Directional signs. Three signs of not more than two square feet each are permitted provided that the premises upon which the garage sale is conducted is not on a major thoroughfare, and written permission to erect said signs is received from the property owners upon whose property such signs are to be placed.

    (b) Time limitations. No sign or other form of advertisement shall be exhibited for more than two days prior to the day such sale is to commence.

    (c) Removal of signs. Signs must be removed by 5:00 p.m. the last day of the garage sale. 

Note: Prohibited locations for signs - attached to utility poles or any street sign or any location within a right-of-way. Such signs shall not in any way obstruct the view of any intersection.

To report a sale or for any questions, please contact the City Clerk at 636-629-0333 ext. 102 or by emailing

ST. CLAIR, MO 63077
Ph: 636-629-0333
Fax: 636-629-6467