In accordance to the City of St. Clair Code of Ordinances Chapter 9 1/2 Fencing:

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to construct, or cause to be constructed, any fence or privacy screen upon any property within the limits of the city without first having obtained a permit therefore in the manner hereinafter provided. The owner of the property shall be responsible for obtaining the permit, unless the owner can affirmatively demonstrate that he has hired a contractor to erect the fence or privacy screen. If a contractor has been hired to erect the fence or privacy screen, then such person, firm or corporation shall be responsible for obtaining the permit.

General Fence Provisions.

  • Front lot requirements. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to build or construct any fence in a front yard.
  • Side lot requirements. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to build or construct any fence for a side lot which extends past the front corner of the primary dwelling or is less than 25 feet from the street edge, whichever is the greater distance. In addition, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to build or construct any fence for a side lot which is immediately adjacent to city streets or thoroughfares which are deemed by the director of public works to be a detriment to public safety.
  • Rear lot requirements. A fence may be erected upon any rear yard of any parcel of land provided the fence meets the front and side lot requirements of above.
  • Height of fences. Subject to the requirements of above, fences of not less than three feet nor more than six feet may be erected upon any yard, provided adequate access for firefighting is provided. (exceptions as stated below for Commercial and Industrial districts)
  • Barbwire fences. Are only allowed within an agricultural, commercial or Industrial district. If located within a commercial or industrial district, the lowest strand shall be a minimum of 6' off the ground. It is considered unlawful for anyone to construct a barbwire fence within any unapproved district or if applicable without City Council’s approval.
  • Electrified fencing. Is not allowed within any district except an A-1 agricultural district. It is considered unlawful for anyone to construct a fence in violation of this section. Note: “low-voltage” pet containment system electrified fencing is allowed within any district.
  • Encroachment. All fences shall be built by the party desiring the same so as not to have any part of the fence encroaching upon adjoining property.
  • Fences over Easements. In the case of fences constructed over dedicated utility easements, the city shall not be responsible for the replacement of said fence due to its removal for utility servicing. It is required that the property owner contact the administrative officer or developer for location of above-mentioned easements.
  • Fences On a corner lot. A fence shall not extend beyond the front building line, as platted, which is parallel to the front of the house. Along other front building lines as platted on a corner lot, the fence shall be set back a minimum of ten feet from the property line and shall not extend into the sight-triangle of fifty foot (50’) from the center line of any intersecting roadways.


  • Ornamental dividers, plastic chains, posts or like materials erected along driveways or sidewalks shall not be considered a fence.
  • Landscape treatments as defined herein shall be permitted provided that they do not exceed three feet in height, 32 feet in total length, 16 feet in one continuous direction, and are erected at least ten feet from the nearest edge of the traveled portion of any street, avenue, highway or road. Landscape treatments shall mean a non-site-obscuring, decorative wooden or metal structure used to enhance, accent or protect the landscaping of the site.

Permit Submittal Requirements:

  • Property Boundary Map or Sketch Plan of the property showing:
    1. The location of all structures on subject property.
    2. Indicate all existing streets, roads, alleys, fire hydrants, water and sewer lines and existing utilities on the subject property.
    3. Indicate all existing and proposed entrances to the property.
    4. Indicate the location of any trees or vegetation with masses having a diameter of 12" or more.

If you have any questions regarding fencing, please contact the City Code Official: Mike Bursey at 636-629-0333 ext. 200 or by email at

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