Cross Connection Prevention

Cross Connection Prevention

To safeguard the public water supply of the City of St. Clair from potential Cross Connections, backflows or back-siphonage, the City of St. Clair requires that certain standards be met and that annual reports be submitted on all existing or required backflow devices within City Limits. This page has been created to provide resources to assist in the understanding of the City’s requirements and to provide a digital report submittal link and a Backflow Device Viewer for DNR certified testers and device owners. If you or your contractor have any questions regarding the information provided within this page or any of the forms or submission processes, please feel free to contact the City Inspector at: 636-629-0333 ext. 200 or by email through the link below.

Certified Tester Resources:

City Form Requirements:

  • The GeoForm within the link below must be completed in its entirety, and a Missouri Department of Natural Resources Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Data and Maintenance Report as provided within the link below must be completed and attached to this GeoForm and a location provided prior to Submittal. If completed through a smart phone on site where the device is located, ensure your location services are turned on and click “Locate Me”, confirm your location or correct as necessary. There is also an option to Find address or place through any device, just ensure you include St. Clair, Mo. after the search criteria and press enter or click the hourglass to the left, then hover your mouse over the map and zoom or drag as necessary to the approximate location of the device and left click on the location. Many reports have already been submitted and placed within the approximate location of the devices. The exact device locations have yet to be determined and will be indicated with a green symbol in the future. Note: you cannot edit any submitted reports, so ensure all the fields are accurate prior to submitting your report.
            City of St. Clair’s GeoForm: Backflow Assembly Test Data and Maintenance Report Form

  • Backflow Device Report Viewer: This app allows a user to view submitted backflow device reports within St. Clair City limits. Owner’s of these devices can use this app to ensure their contractor has submitted their required annual reports and contractors can use this app to ensure their report has been submitted. Note: If this app is open at the same time the GeoForm is open and data was submitted, you will need to refresh the page to view the latest submitted report. Clicking on a device location will bring up a popup with relevant information. Near the top left of the popup there will be (numbers) indicating how many reports have been submitted. Clicking the arrow to the right of the report (numbers) allows users to view each report. Note to contractor’s: some fields are hidden intentionally within this viewer to restrict sensitive data from public view.

If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding this matter,
please feel free to contact City Code Official: Mike Bursey at 636-629-0333 ext. 200 or by email:

ST. CLAIR, MO 63077
Ph: 636-629-0333
Fax: 636-629-6467